Quality stone chipping available for immediate shipment to Naples

Stone chipping is attractive and versatile and can be used to enhance both indoor and outdoor spaces. They can be used to furnish public walkways and gardens and are frequently used on the rooves of buildings and industrial spaces. They  can also be used to filter rain water and protect buildings from other potentially damaging atmospheric agents.

Types of Stone Chipping

Our chippings are broken stones most frequently used to adorn external walls and building exteriors and are created through the crushing of quarried rock in our factory. Our stone chipping is made with the greatest care and is available in a variety of colours.

Using Stone Chipping

Bondielli Daniel's stone chippings are perfect for paths, walkways and gardens but can also be used for cladding buildings of all kinds and in the rendering of industrial warehouses.

Call us for free shipment throughout Italy on 339 7078206 or
visit our office in Via Brentino 246, Massarosa

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