Exquisite Carrara marble pebbles, ready to be shipped to Rome

Bondielli Daniele produces and ships its beautiful Carrara marble pebbles throughout Italy to both businesses and private customers. We offer elegant and sophisticated stones designed to enhance both indoor and outdoor spaces. Various sizes and colours are available or you can have something created especially for you with our custom-made pebble service. 

Varieties of Pebble

Bondielli Daniele offers top quality pebbles made from both Carraran stone and marble. We produce all kinds of marble in a range of colours from the classic white to yellow Sienna coloured, aqua-marine green, red guilloche, barb blue and many more...

How to use our Pebbles

Our pebbles are intended for furnishing gardens in the creation of paths or rockeries and in construction- for driveways etc. and for walkways and in creating attractive buildings.
They can easily be mixed with resin to bring a modern design touch to any interior space too.

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