Distinctive marble from Carrara ready to be shipped to Cesenatico

Used to create some of the best Italian art and architecture, Carraran marble is iconic and recognized around the world for its superior quality.  Bondielli Daniele not only produce this precious stone, but also offer free and low-cost shipping throughout Italy- from Naples to Florence. For stylish structures, building exteriors and elegant and refined interior furniture, make this exclusive marble your first choice.

Marble Slabs

Bondielli Daniele creates marble slabs on request to your exact specifications. We offer a variety of slab widths all cut from beautiful raw marble blocks. 
We offer Carraran marble in a range of colours from siena yellow to classic white, reds to pinks and a true barb blue.

How to use our Marble

We source our marble from carefully selected Carraran quarries known for their quality.
This precious, versatile stone is perfect for flooring, external cladding and to create beautiful interior furniture in bathrooms and kitchens.

Experience the excellence of marble from Carrara. 
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